About Me

Hi there,

My name is Aga, and I am a passionate food & prop stylist from Poland.

In the last eight years, I lived in the US, the Netherlands and India, backpacked for over three months through Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam. I am currently enjoying life in London 😁

Since a young age, I was always very interested in food. I was somehow just drawn to this wonderful form of expressing myself 👩‍🎨

I think it all started while cooking with my grandmothers and spending time in their kitchens, exploring new recipes on my own. Being creative with natural, healthy ingredients and getting the chance to put a smile on peoples faces through my cooking was what I enjoyed the most during my teenage years. So I guess cooking creative and healthy meals for my loved ones set a strong foundation and is still a big part of my life 😊

At one point, my passion for cooking and food as a form of art grew so big that I wanted to share it with more people than only the close ones sitting at my table. A natural step for me back then was to create an Instagram account and start sharing pictures of my creations with the rest of the world 📸

Over time I was lucky enough to develop a strong follower base, and soon restaurants began to invite me to style and shoot their dishes. As funny as it sounds, I never really set out to become a Food & Prop Stylist, but somehow it just happened naturally. And I am very thankful for that ☺️

Till date, I’ve executed over 50 different projects for restaurants, hotels, food & beverage brands as well as supermarkets. 🥳